NYC Tours – A Titanic walk with Dave Gardner.

One of the world’s most enduring stories is the tragedy of the good ship RMS Titanic. NYSee Tours has joined with tour guide Dave Gardner to host an NYC tour of the city’s deep connections to that vessel.

Greatest of the Works of Man – Ken Marschall
Although Titanic famously sank on her maiden voyage well before reaching our shores, she has left an indelible legacy. Tour Guide Dave Gardner has immersed himself in Titanic culture and is considered by his peers to be the foremost expert on the ship. Join us, as he leads an NYC tour to remember.

This Titanic tour begins near Astor Place where the old Wanamaker’s department store once stood. It was here that the first Marconi signals were received alerting America that the ship had foundered. We proceed on foot past buildings and churches in the West Village that have connections to Titanic, and end on the West Side, across from Pier 54, where the RMS Carpathia would discharge her cargo of  over 700 survivors. We visit the Jane Hotel where the crewmembers were housed, and then participated in the initial inquest into the ship’s sinking.

It is not hard to fathom the feelings that New York City has for this lost ship. Some are apparent, and others can be

illuminated only by a skillful and talented guide. Almost everywhere one looks, there are remarkable connections to the ship and her passengers. Our NYC Tours take us past tall buildings to compare size, hospitals and hotels where survivors were taken, churches where families prayed for the return of their loved ones.

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Dave Explains a fine point

Dave Gardner has constructed a fascinating two-hour tour of those connections.  He has conducted this tour for authors, historians, colleagues, and others interested in the ships lore. The tour has also been presented to great acclaim with relatives of Titanic survivors in attendance.  With an acknowledged expert as your guide, you will journey back through time. Try to imagine the air crackling with the first news that the great ship had sunk with tremendous loss of life, imagine the anxiety of friends and relatives as they wait for the Carpathia to dock,  hoping that their loved ones had somehow survived the tragedy.

Join Dave as he recreates those moments that continue to resonate to this day. He compares it to a song that people recognize but may not actually know the words.  “…I’m the musician who steps up and actually plays it!” – you know the tale, now come hear the story.


Our next Titanic Tour is:

Tuesday,  May 13th at 6:00 PM.

Cost is $20.00 per person: Please call to reserve.

Your meets at the southwest corner of Astor Place and Lafayette St. (By the Walgreens in the East Village)

Tour lasts approximately two hours.

Easily accessible via public transportation:
Subway: N, R: 8th St. 6: Astor Place
Bus: M1, M2, M3, M5, M8: M103, M15 Astor Place, St. Marks’ Place

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