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Walk and ride with a real New York guide.

Your choice of three guided New York tours that happy customers recommend as the most personal, informative and fun in the city!

NYSee Get Acquainted Tour of Manhattan 

 (Interactive map, and tour details)

NYSee Brooklyn Grand Tour 

 (Interactive map, and tour details)

New York Your Way
Custom Private Tours

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In five hours you will enjoy a combination NYC bus and walking tour that is hard to top. It’s the best of both worlds, a comfortable 24-passenger bus at your disposal, salted with frequent stops to get off and explore the city on foot. And, most importantly, you’ll walk and ride with a real New Yorker to guide you, an individual with great passion for the city, as well as knowledge and wit.

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Fred Pflantzer, Native New Yorker, Tour Leader

Our guests have reviewed their tours with great exuberance: 


Reviewed June 10, 2013

Innovative, informative, creative, a beautiful combination walking and busing all around the City. I can’t think of anyway this could be any better. We did this and the Gray Line tour and I now know more about NYC than ever. FRED, we loved your warm and genuine character. You were respectful, professional, funny, honest, careful, warm, sweet, patriotic, prideful, flexible, caring and very much the go with the flow kind-of-guy. You should teach a course on ‘How to be the best tour guide ever!’


“Fun and informative”

Mike – Saint Louis, Missouri

Reviewed June 23, 2013

We’re extremely happy that we chose NY See Tours. Their tour buses are small but comfortable, holding around twenty people, which gives these tours a much more personal touch. Fred, who acted as our guide, was absolutely delightful. He’s a true New Yorker with a passion for his city and encyclopaedic knowledge of its past and present.

This is not a hop-on-hop-off-fend-for-yourself bus tour. If you want to spend substantial amounts of time in specific places or go at your own pace, there are plenty of those around to choose from. This is a GUIDED tour, and there is a structure and a schedule but it’s not imposing or restrictive, never makes you feel rushed. Looking back after the tour, we were amazed at just how much we had seen and done and how much ground we covered in five hours.

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