Last Easter Sunday, on one of our New York City Private Tours we saw New York City at its best.

On a beautifully warm day, with the bells of St. Patrick’s Cathedral pealing joyously, and the sun high in the flawlessly blue sky we saw the creativity, harmony, and sweetness that makes New York City such a wonderful place to live.


Metro Card Girl

The Easter Parade in New York City has been a tradition since the 1870’s. It has evolved from a promenade of NYC’s wealthy and aristocratic into a parade for all. How wonderful it is to attend, and stroll down the grandest boulevard of them all – Fifth Avenue.

By the 1880’s it had become a major cultural event. After church the swells would stroll down the avenue in their finest clothing, paying visits to the grand churches that lined the avenue to view the bountiful displays of Easter flowers. It was a see and be seen spectacle. People from the middle class would watch the processional from the sidewalks, eying people that they had only read about in the newspapers sashaying down the street dressed in their finest clothes, it was a great place to observe the latest trends in fashion and style. By the early 1900’s it had become as an important day for retailers as the Christmas season is today.

Obviously the parades origins are based on the religious significance of the day of Christ’s resurrection, but over time that has faded. The parade now is enjoyed by everyone regardless of their station in life, or financial wear-with-all. It has become a showcase for imagination and creativity and is welcoming to all. The inventiveness and craft that people bring to the Easter Parade is astounding, from the elaborate, like the Easter Super Hero above, to the wonderfully simple.

On a New York City private tour, we can take our time to explore the parade. Last Easter Sunday, with my camera in hand I photographed some of the wonderful costumes, hats, and people that make the Easter Parade so much fun. I posted many of them on Pinterest, here is a link to those photogaphs, enjoy!

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