Coney Island Firework Spectacular Tour

Every Friday night from June 23rd until September 1st, the Coney Island Fireworks show spectacularly lights up the night sky over Coney Island.


Join us as licensed tour guide Brooklyn Jim leads you on a fun-filled three-hour tour to one of America’s favorite amusement parks. Learn about Coney Islands’ spectacular history as you ride the subway from Manhattan to the Island. Coney Island was once America’s largest amusement park, attracting millions of visitors annually. Within its confines were Luna Park, Dreamland, and Steeplechase Park. People came to ride roller coasters, marvel at new technologies like electric lights, and even view premature babies in incubators.


Before the fireworks, you can ride the Wonder Wheel, a one-hundred-and-fifty-foot tall Ferris wheel famous for its sliding car. Then, perhaps, have your fortune told by the mechanical Zoltar of “Big” fame. Grandma, the seer, also can predict your future.

The fireworks commence at 9:45 against the background of the night sky and the Atlantic Ocean. After you’ve marveled at that pyrotechnical display, the tour will end on the famous Reigelmann boardwalk. From there, you can reboard the subway with Jim and head back to Manhattan or stay and enjoy the amusements.


After, thrill to a ride on the Cyclone, the second steepest wooden roller coasters in the world, or grab a hot dog at Nathan’s Famous. Either way, you are guaranteed a fun-filled and exciting night. You’ll have the best seats in the house and one of New York’s best guides, Mr. Brooklyn Jim, to keep you on your toes.

Coney Isloand from the air seeing the Cyclone, Luna Park The Parachute Jump

Public Tour

Per Person
$ 50
  • Three Hour Tour

Private Tour

Up to Six People
$ 400
  • Three Hour Tour
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