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Private & Custom Tours of New York

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New York City Private Tour
NY See’s Custom & Private NYC Tours
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There are many ways to enjoy touring NYC, but none is more exciting or luxurious than being chauffeured around town in a private vehicle, with your own guide, on your own time. You’ll see what you wish, dine where you like, Seeing New York in style.

NYSee offers our guests private guided tours of New York that will provide you with an in-depth and honest taste of the city. You can tour by private vehicle, or foot and subway. Either way, you’ll have a memorable time. With your input, allow us to design the tour you’ve always dreamt about.

All private tours are billed by the hour and not by the number of guests. There is however, a four-hour minimum charge on all private tours. We offer luxury tours for any number of guests.

You can request Fred Pflantzer, The owner of NYSee Tours and lifetime New Yorker. If available, he will conduct your tour, read his exuberant reviews on Trip Advisor.

All rates include:

  • vehicle
  • Licensed guide
  • Chauffeur
  • Minimum four-hour booking


Private Guided Tours in Chauffeured Luxury Vehicles
Type Vehicle Max No. Guests Rate (4 Hr.) Addit. Hrs – Two Hr. Min
Luxury Sedan Two Guests        $900.00 $225 per
Luxury SUV Five Guests $1000.00 $250 per
Mercedes Sprinter Eight Guests $1150.00 $288 per
Mercedes Sprinter Twelve Guests $1250.00 $300 per
Passenger Van Twelve Guests $1120.00 $280 per
Luxury Mini-Bus Twenty-two $1440.00 $360 per
Luxury Coach Bus Fifty Guests $1760.00 $440 per
Luxury Coach Bus Fifty-Four Guests $1840.00 $460 per

Please note: Max No. of Guests includes driver and guide

                            This is your tour; we will help you create a unique itinerary


All rates include:

  • Licensed guide
  • Minimum four-hour booking


Private Guided Walking Tours
Tour Duration Max No. Guests Rate (4 Hr.) Addit. Hrs
Four Hours 6 $425.00 $105.00 per
Four Hours 10 $525.00 $125.00 per

     Please Note: This is your tour; we will help you create a unique itinerary

                           Subway fare is NOT included in price. We will direct you in buying Metro Cards


Our Services Include:

  • Private, Personal Tours in Luxury Vehicles  
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off at your Hotel, or any location in Manhattan. It’s your call.
  • We can make suggestions for Lunch or Dinner at Local Restaurants.
  • Any special needs for our mobility challenged guests will be accommodated.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or to schedule a tour