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NY See’s private tour of Brooklyn, New York is a five-hour, fully-guided bus tour that will show you unexpected Brooklyn from the serenity of Prospect Park and the beautiful Park Slope, to the stunning Red Hook and the ethereal Green-Wood Cemetery. We will never be more than a mile or so from downtown Manhattan, but we’ll see a world that is far-removed and different. The Brooklyn tour is a combination of riding in a comfortable climate-controlled bus and walking. The walks are not strenuous, and they allow you to truly have the chance to get a feel for the area.

On our Brooklyn New York Tour you will discover the diversity of New York’s most populous borough and have fun doing it!Brooklyn New York Tour - Looking at Grand Army Plaza thru trees in Prospect Park

NY See Tours is proud to offer this private five hour Brooklyn New York tour designed specifically for guests who want to discover this modern and trendy, yet still historically rich borough. See the “Borough of Kings” in a way that will surprise you, from the once bustling docks of Red Hook to ultra-hip Williamsburg. It is this very dichotomy that makes Brooklyn such an interesting place to visit

Did you know that one in seven Americans can trace their ancestry back to this borough? Brooklyn has been an integral part of the fabric of New York City for centuries now. Our private Brooklyn New York tour begins at the Barclay’s Center, the borough’s brand new sports arena. The facility is serviced by all subway lines and takes less than a half hour to get to from midtown Manhattan.

Brooklyn New York Tour - At grave of Charles EbbitsIt’s then onto Prospect Park, the greensward that Calvert Vaux and Frederick Olmstead consider their masterpiece. After a short walk, we will re-board our Brooklyn tour bus and ride over to Montgomery Place in Park Slope. This block is considered one of the most beautiful in Brooklyn and is synonymous with families, as there are probably more baby carriages per square foot than any other place in the city.

Afterwards, we’ll head over to Green-Wood Cemetery, famous for lush landscape and many famous “permanent residents”. It was the inspiration for Vaux and Olmsted’s Central Park in Manhattan. The cemetery also contains the highest point in NYC, a lookout known as Battle Hill—where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought. We’ll visit the graves of some of the people that turned Brooklyn from a farming community into the industrial heart of the city. We can also pay our respects to Maestro Leonard Bernstein, whose grave lies here.Brooklyn New York Tour

From Greenwood, we’ll take our Brooklyn tour over to Red Hook, where we’ll stop for lunch at Fairway Market, and enjoy the breath-taking views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. Red Hook is the former industrial heartland of Brooklyn. Today, it maintains that small-town feel, with local waterfront pubs and freight docks; it’s far from the New York City you would expect.

After lunch, our Brooklyn New York tour continues to the first commuter suburb: Brooklyn Heights. Some of the great artists and writers of our time, like Truman Capote and Norman Mailer, called Brooklyn Heights their home. Washington Roebling supervised the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge from a house in Brooklyn Heights. Experience resonant history coupled with stunning views of Manhattan.

Brooklyn Tour - Horses being installed at Janes Carousel

Next up is DUMBO, a vibrant new residential community between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge overpasses. Lined with old warehouses, art galleries, local boutiques, hip eateries, and more dramatic views of Manhattan, this historic neighborhood transports you into one of the cultural centers of New York City. You can take a whirl on Jane’s Carousel, an historic ride lovingly restored and situated right on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Finally, a Brooklyn New York tour would not be complete without a visit to Williamsburg, the birthplace of the hipster revolution. Although you’ll surely see a good amount of skinny jeans, pork pie hats, thin ties, and plaid, the neighborhood is still culturally-rich and home to enclaves of Puerto Ricans, Polish, Italians, and predominantly, a large concentration of Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jews.

From history and art to architecture and fashion, Brooklyn is a multi-faceted slice of New York City. Join us on Brooklyn, New York bus tour to discover this remarkable borough, and leave feeling that you’ve seen New York in a way very few people see it. Hey, we understand, when you visit New York, Manhattan is the star, but there are four other boroughs to explore, so if you haven’t visited Brooklyn – “Fuhgeddaboutit!”Brooklyn New York Tour