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New York City Tour

New York City Private Custom Walking Tours

NYC Your Way

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Our New York City Private Custom Walking Tours are one of the most exciting and authentic ways to experience Manhattan.

Brooklyn New York Tour - Greenwood Cemetery - Monument for Charles Ebbets

Our Custom Private Walking Tours through New York City are designed exclusively for you. Many tours make you see the city through their eyes. We take your input to create something great. Your private walking tour is built exclusively for you. It’s something that suits your interests, tastes, and hobbies. Combine this private walking tour with an entertaining and knowledgeable guide and there is no better experience!

First of all, there are many sights to see on your New York City Private Custom Walking Tour. Furthermore, we suggest many locations like Central Park. You can see how this world famous park fits so wonderfully into Manhattan’s urban grid. Or stroll along the High Line and see how this elevated urban park has transformed the West Side of the city. Finally, you can walk through Hell’s Kitchen and see the foundation for what is now a thriving residential community.  There really is no end to the inventive and sometimes off-the-beaten-path tours we can create together on a custom, private walking tour of NYC. Rather, you’ll see the city from the perspective of a New Yorker, not a tourist. Most of all, NYC is one of the world’s great walking cities and you’ll see why on this tour!

Manhattan is a giant metropolis on the world’s stage. However it is physically only about 14 miles long and only about 2.5 miles wide at its widest. Therefore, you’ll be able to visit any place you want. Stop and dine with your guide at a great pizza place or any restaurant of your choice all at your own pace. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable day!

Our Private Walking tours New York City are fully customized. With your personal guide, you will delight in the neighborhoods and sights of Manhattan.

Hit the streets, ride the subway; have fun, learn, explore!

Four Hour Fully Guided Walking/Subway Tour

$400.00 (per group)

Six Hour Fully Guided Walking/Subway Tour

$550.00 (per group)

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Please note: You are responsible for all subway fares, etc.