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Village Bar Crawl

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 Entertainment, Nightlife, and Fun All Evening Long

NY See’s East or West Village Bar tour feature a fascinating look into New York City’s historic and world-renowned Greenwich Village. Drink, laugh, and enjoy bars that are known mostly to the locals. They would be difficult to find on your own!

Your guide is a knowledgeable and savvy native New Yorker who knows these places from the inside out. If it’s a fun night out you’re looking for, then he’s the perfect host.

You’ll have a wonderful time hitting some of the Villages hidden gems and hangouts. You’ll hear entertaining stories about the areas and their fascinating histories.

You’ll visit three bars that bustle with the energy of these vibrant communities. It is a night of amazing variety because we have chosen establishments that reflect the unique character of their neighborhoods, from intimate and subdued to raucous and rowdy.

These places have retained their old world charm. It is a richness that is reflected on the streets, in the buildings, bars, and people you’ll see and meet.

Your fee for the Village Bar Crawl is $95.00 per person.

The fee covers one drink in each of the three bars we visit; it also includes the tip for the server. This is for Beer or Wine only. If you want to order hard liquor you of course may do so, however you are responsible for the cost as well as a tip to the server.

Once you arrive at the location (It will be sent to you upon booking) please remain outside the establishment to meet your guide. You will be provided with his cell phone number as well.

Please remember, your enjoyment and safety is our primary concern. Please do not show up already intoxicated; there will be plenty of time to mix and mingle and enjoy the night responsibly.

If you have enjoyed your evening, a gratuity to your guide is always appreciated.