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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour
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Dyker Heights

Christmas Lights Tour

$65.00 – $55.00 

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Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour

Unparalleled and unmatched by any other city in the world, Christmas in New York City is a magical time. From “The Tree” in Rockefeller Center to the Christmas windows of Macy’s, Bergdorf’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, the city is alive with Yuletide spirit and energy.

NYSee Tours is proud to offer our own unique version of a holiday lights tour: The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour, running from Saturday, November 27th until January 1st.  Please click on the booking button to select available dates.

For years, the houses and mansions of this Italian enclave in Brooklyn have been adorned with the largest and brightest displays of Christmas lights anywhere in New York City outside of Rockefeller Center. Join us as we head out to the city’s most populous borough to enjoy them. It’s a short jaunt through the Battery Tunnel in lower Manhattan and then out to Dyker Heights.

More about your Dyker Heights Christmas Tour

We’ll stroll through the streets of Dyker Heights marveling at the sumptuous displays of lights and Christmas decorations, taking photographs, and enjoying the holiday spirit. After our walk, we’ll re-board our warm-comfy bus and make a quick stop at the local Nathan’s for a bathroom break, hot chocolate, or a quick snack.

And still

Refreshed and relieved we’ll head over to the famous Brooklyn Heights Esplanade for Hollywood views of the lower Manhattan Skyline, and then over Manhattan Bridge to the city. Once back we’ll pass through Chinatown, Soho, and then make a stop in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village to see the Village Christmas Tree, and the Washington Square Arch.

After the Village we’ll scoot uptown past Madison Square Park to see the illuminated star that adorned New York City’s first public Christmas tree. Further uptown we’ll pass the Pierpont Morgan Library where the first electrically lit Christmas tree was seen. We’ll then stop one block away from our original pick-up location in Herald Square for those that have parked their cars at nearby garages. There, we’ll say goodbye to some of our guests

On to the Rockefeller Center Tree

For those intrepid travelers that have never seen the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree we will make a final stop on 50th Street and Madison Avenue. There the bus will leave us and we will walk past beautiful restored St Patrick’s Cathedral to see the famous Rockefeller Center Tree. At the tree we’ll say our goodbyes. Your guide will be glad to direct you back to your hotel, etc.

Because of heightened security and huge swarms of people and traffic we are not able to move smoothly through Rockefeller Center area. That is why the bus will leave us Madison Avenue and we will proceed on foot to the tree. It is a very short walk, only two blocks.

Private Tours to the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

If you chose, we can arrange a private tour for you, your family and friends out to Dyker Heights. The prices vary, depending on the size of your party, but the minimum for a fully guided private tour is $650.00. Of course, we’ll pick you up at your hotel.

Where to meet your Dyker Heights Christmas Tour

Our tour will commence in Herald Square right next to Macy’s. Arrive early and enjoy Macy’s famous yuletide window displays. After you marvel at the windows,  you’ll meet your bus on 35th Street (Click here for directions) and head through the glittering streets of Manhattan to Dyker Heights in Brooklyn – that’s right – Brooklyn!

You’ll be fully guided

As always, as with every NYSee Tours excursion, you’ll be accompanied by one of our native and knowledgeable guides who will be with you for the duration of the tour.

Let NYSee Tours show you a new side of New York City that perhaps you’ve only seen on the silver screen: New York at Christmas Time.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour

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