Get Acquainted with the West Side

This five-hour guided walking/riding/subway tour will allow you to see Manhattan in a way that is unexpected, from the lights of Times Square, to the serenity of Central Park and ultimately down to the World Trade Center Site (we do not enter the site, but view it from a vantage point.) It is hard to put [...]

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From the start Fred was great company, informative and friendly, making the tour very enjoyable. We went on the Two Borough Tour, starting with the Water Taxi from Pier 84, which is a great way to see the Manhattan skyline & Statue of Liberty. 5 hours later we felt our first full day in New [...]

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Los Angeles, California

Decided to try this more personalized tour and skip the big buses. Perfect way to start off our trip as 1st time visitors. Fred was a great guide and has the deep knowledge of someone born and raised in NYC and shares his personal history. From this 5-hour tour we were able to map out [...]

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Toronto, Canada

We HIGHLY recommend touring with this company. The guides are native New Yorkers, and you are able to walk the city rather than sitting on a bus and taking photos from afar. We would definitely tour with NYSee again and encourage others to do the same.

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Grimes, Iowa

It was my 7th time visiting the city and I took the tour with a friend that had only been there once before. We both loved it! I would recommend this tour for first timers and those that have already been to the city as everyone will learn something new!

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Christmas Lights Tour NYC

                           Christmas Lights Tour NYCUnparalleled and unmatched by any other city in the world, the Christmas holidays in New York City are a magical time. From the Tree in Rockefeller Center to the Christmas windows of Macy’s, Bergdorf’s and Saks 5th Avenue, the city is [...]

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