New York City Tours – Every Mensch Deserves a Bench!

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New York City Tours – Every Mensch Deserves a Bench!


New York City Tours

Washington Square Park

Summer 2013

As a guide and proud owner of NYSee Tours, providing New York City tours to guests from all over the world. Talk to any guide, and they’ll tell you that they don’t even consider it work. Guiding makes it imperative that you see things with fresh eyes.

An adopted bench in Central Park with a plaque that says "Fred, Thanks for the memories" Another benefit of a New York City Tours

Fred’s Bench – Thanks for the memories.

While strolling through the park I spotted a dedication on a bench. “Fred,” it said, Thanks for the Memories” how perfect, I thought. Because that’s exactly what I do, provide memories and experience to my guests. I take it very seriously, and conduct my New York City tours with an eye on all the details. Sure it’s important to provide history, and an educational experience, but more importantly, it’s about fun. And we definitely have a good time.

Kids enjoy our tours, why not? We pay a lot of attention to them. After our first stop in Central Park we make a brief stop at the Museum of Natural History. In the lobby of the museum are a Barosaurus and Allosaurus   locked in eternal combat. The Barosaurus is defending her young from the relentless attack of a velociraptor. I’m not sure I understand the endless fascination kids have for them, but its great to see their reaction when they walk into the great hall.

Inside great hall at Museum of Natural History photo of group on a New York City tours

Museum of Natural History – NYC Tour

In Central Park, there are around 9,000 benches, and many of them have dedications. There is an Adopt-A Bench program in Central Park that helps fund the upkeep of the 847 acres. Although one might assume that Central Park’s upkeep is funded by the city, it is not. It’s primary funding sources are private donations.

Over the course of the summer of 2013 we conducted dozens of New York tours, our tour begins in Times Square and wends it way through the city from North to South. Sometime we divert from our usual route because of  parades or inclement weather, but whatever the route, you will see amazing things. And best of all, you’ll have five very enjoyable hours touring with NYSee on one of our New York City tours.

Plaque on bench in CP "every mensch deserves a bench" seen on our New York City tours

Come sit, be a mensch

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