Get Acquainted with the West Side

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Get Acquainted with the West Side

This five-hour guided walking/riding/subway tour will allow you to see Manhattan in a way that is unexpected, from the lights of Times Square, to the serenity of Central Park and ultimately down to the World Trade Center Site (we do not enter the site, but view it from a vantage point.)


It is hard to put in words, the wonders we will see and the surprises you will have. The tapestry of the city is woven anew on a daily basis, so no trip is ever exactly the same. On this tour you will discover the richness and diversity of the West Side of Manhattan, and have fun hours doing it!

We’ll meet in Times Square on the corner of 45th Street and Broadway, your guide will be wearing a bright orange vest. Please be there on time, we leave at 10 AM sharp.

We’ll board out bus and head up 8th Avenue to Central Park, our first stop. No matter what the season, the park is delight to the senses. We’ll have ample time to explore a small section of a very large park.

We’ll re-board and head east to Fifth Avenue. Our vehicle will pull up to the steps of the MetropolitanMuseum were we’ll get out and stroll along 5th for a few blocks. On our left will be some remarkable mansions from the time of New York’s Gilded age. So many stories to tell, our own Downton Abbey’s!

Next, we’ll head south to a birthday party, the 100th Anniversary of the one, the only Grand Central Terminal. Not only is it one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings in the world it is also one of the most exciting. We’ll spend some time here and possibly have lunch in the Terminal. There is an extensive and diverse food court in Grand Central Terminal.

On a nice day we go to Madison Square Park around which there are a large variety of restaurants to enjoy, including Eataly, a destination stop with a collection of Italian specialty shops and eateries.

After lunch, we’ll head down to Greenwich Village. We’ll stop and walk through Washington Square Park over to MacDougal Street and down past some of the coffee shops and coffee houses that spawned the Beats, than later Bob Dylan, Lenny Bruce, Dave van Ronk, Tiny Tim, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, Barbara Streisand, the list is endless. The Village is one of the most interesting neighborhoods on our tour and worth a day’s exploration.

The excursion continues south. On our way, well pass through Soho, Tribeca and the Financial District. We’ll also pass the Wall Street Bull, who stands defiantly at the foot of Broadway in front of Bowling Green Park.

To travel south is to head back through time to the epoch of the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. These winding streets and alleys of lower Manhattan are the oldest parts of the city. We will pass through these areas as we make our way over to the Winter Garden to view the new World Trade Center. We do not enter the 9/11 Memorial, but will view it from a striking vantage point across the street.

When the weather is nice, we also walk down to the Esplanade along the Hudson River to relax and enjoy views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and New York Harbor.

We end our journey by taking you back to our starting point in Times Square via NY’s wonderful subway. A trip to the city could hardly be called complete without a ride through this underground world. At first daunting, but easily tamed, and by far the best way to get around town.

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